Your stay In Barcelona

Your stay In Barcelona


Eimec is located in the Eixample district, a quiet neighborhood with a very central location. You can reach all the sights of the city on foot. That, and its closeness to the school, is why we advise this area for your stay. We do not have any special terms with any hotel, but there are several nearby options fit to suit any taste. Following are a few links to hotels located very close to the school:




Barcelona’s gastronomic offering is rich and diverse. The city’s good weather makes al fresco dining a year-round option.

Nearly all restaurants offer set menus at mid-day. Diners can also enjoy the classic “tapas” or small dishes. Prices can vary, and are higher if the establishment is near any tourist attraction. Exercise caution in areas like Las Ramblas, where high prices do not necessarily mean quality dining.

In Barcelona, tips are not included in the bill, nor is it mandatory to tip. However, they are always appreciated by service staff.


Barcelona is a city to be visited on foot, discovering its locales, but its metropolitan transportation network can take you wherever you want, whenever you want. Its integrated multi-trip passes are a good solution when it comes to moving around the city with ease and comfort.


For commuter trains, metro, bus, tram and light rail. You can buy these passes in the stations.


These include attractions such as the funicular railway and tourist bus.

Neighborhoods of Barcelona

Although it is not a very large city, Barcelona is made up of many diverse neighborhoods. Each of them has their own history and personality, and offers different ways to know the city.

Here is a summary of what to see in each of them.

Neighborhoods of Barcelona


In general, Barcelona is a calm and safe city. But as in any city with tourism, one must be on guard against pickpockets, especially in crowded areas such as Las Ramblas, or beaches at the height of the tourism season. Watch your belongings when using public transport.

Near Barcelona

If you already know the city, you may decide to visit some of the many fascinating places nearby. Trips of a single or more days to the Catalan coast, Montserrat or the Priorat winegrowing region… wine tastings or the Dalí Museum in Figueres. Discover Catalonia’s hidden treasures!



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