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Dr. María Dolores Mosqueira

Dr. Mosqueira is the Chief Medical and Ophthalmology Director of the Center for Medical and Ophthalmological Specialties (CEMO) of Vilanova i la Geltrú.


  • Medical Director at CEMO Vilanova.
  • Ophthalmologist at the Nou Policlínic Sitges.
  • Ophthalmologist in Sanitas (mutual insurance company).
  • Ophthalmologist in Agrupació Mútua (mutual insurance company).
  • Ophthalmologist at Institut Català de la Salut (Catalan Health Care Authority).
  • Ophthalmologist at Centro Oftalmológico y Quirúrgico Tuset (Tuset Ophthalmology and Surgical Center).
  • Head of Ophthalmology Unit, Hospital Residència Sant Camil (Sant Camil Hospital Residence)
  • Head of Surgical Ophthalmology Unit, Campdevànol Hospital.
  • Attending Ophthalmologist of the Glaucoma Department, Institut Català de la Retina (Catalan Retina Institute).


  • Holds Degree in Medicine, residence in ophthalmology. National Autonomous University of Mexico.
  • Holds Diploma in Vitreous Body and Retina Studies, Autonomous University of Barcelona.
  • Holds Master’s Degree in Anterior Ocular Segment studies, Autonomous University of Barcelona.
  • Specialization in Ophthalmology, Research. Barraquer Clinic.
  • Holds PhD in Ocular Pathology, Autonomous University of Barcelona.