Member number 18062,Full Member, Spanish Cosmetic Medicine and Surgery Association (SEMCC) and Member of the Spanish Surgical and Medical Laser Association.



Dr. Xavier Sanchez

Dr. Sanchez has more than 30 years of experience in esthetic medicine and surgery.


Private Esthetic Medicine and Laser Therapy Clinic
Esthetic Doctor, works with LinLine, the esthetic medicine clinic specialized in laser treatments in Barcelona.
Medical Adviser for Cocoon Medical. Esthetic Medicine Equipment.
Works with Reference Medical for product training and demonstrations.
Hospital Medical Inspector for SegurCaixa Adeslas.
Esthetic Medicine Consultant for Estudio Médico Navarro, Pamplona.
Works with the plastic and esthetic surgery and esthetic medicine team of Dr. A. Samper at Institut Universitari Dexeus.
Director of Patient Admissions and Administration at Institut Universitari Dexeus.
Esthetic Doctor, works with the Lago Esthetic Medicine laser platform.


  • Graduated in Medicine and Surgery.
  • Holds a diploma in Sports Medicine.
  • Holds a diploma in Hospital General Management.
  • Holds a Master’s Degree in Health Economy and Health Care Management
  • Holds a diploma in Aging Medicine
  • Holds Diploma in Clinical Bases in Cosmetic Medicine and Surgery.