What is EIMEC?

90% practical Aesthetic Medicine courses and workshops

Certified hands-on training

The International School of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery is an academic institution with headquarters in Barcelona, whose mission is the certified hands-on training of Aesthetic Medicine professionals, in compliance with Spanish legislations, providing a high level of skills in the application of the most advanced Aesthetic Medicine and surgery techniques.

The EIMEC educational program is aimed at doctors, odontologists and nursing staff. Its goal is give professionals from around the world education and practical training of a high level, so they can incorporate into their daily practice the most advanced techniques, products and procedures currently available in the field of Aesthetic Medicine. Professionals who train at EIMEC underscore the quality of the courses and the large number of individual practice hours.

Feeling confident enough to practice

EIMEC Method: One to One

The theoretical approach can only be consolidated with practice. With the EIMEC METHOD you can practice individually,with a model patient, under a professor’s supervision.

We adapt to your level

Personalized training

Keeping our personalized classes to a maximum of three students enables us to completely adapt the training level to that of the student. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have experience. Our faculty will personally accompany and guide you through any doubts.

We work with the sector’s latest technologies

Wide-ranging, comprehensive educational offering

EIMEC’s educational offering is wide-ranging and comprehensive. It includes everything from the traditional treatments most demanded at esthetic clinics to the most modern techniques and procedures ofregenerative medicine, growth factors,PRP, physical and chemical peels, genital esthetic surgery, blepharoplasty, fat grafting,biostimulation, application of fillersand anti-aging medicine. It is comprehensive because we cover everything from patient reception up to post-treatment care.

Expert teaching team with high ethical standards

Ethics are the foundation of aesthetics

The success of EIMEC is rooted in the scientific standards and practical methodology used in each of the educational programs, as well as on the highly qualified professional team that teaches them. The faculty is made up of specialist physicians from different backgrounds, with extensive careers and consolidated prestige, who have in common an enthusiasm for sharing their many years of experience in aesthetic medicine with students.

We believe in the exchange of knowledge between qualified professionals as the path to maintaining excellence in the service of patients. Inspired by this precept, we have become an international model in the training of specialists in Aesthetic Medicine with deep ethical and moral values.


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