EIMEC Method

Students are the leading players.
What is the Eimec method made up of?

One to One: 90% practical

The One to One method is based on practical methodology on real model patients. The student puts into practice the techniques learned under the guidance of the teacher, so that he/she completes a treatment, from the diagnosis to the final result. The student is the protagonist. This experience of teamwork, coexistence with the teacher and exchange of experiences, provides the necessary degree of confidence to the student to practice professionally.

Personalized Level

The limited number of places in our courses allows us to personalize the learning process to the maximum. Whatever your level of experience in the techniques, even without any previous experience in aesthetic medicine, ONE TO ONE teaching allows us to adapt to your needs.

ETCS university credits

At Eimec we know how important it is to feel confident in all aspects of the approach to aesthetic medicine. This implies not only the mastery of techniques, but also the knowledge of protocols, legal aspects, material suppliers, etc. That is why at EIMEC you will find a 360º teaching: we will give you the keys to start practicing and setting up a clinic from scratch. Our teachers will explain you their tricks and skills to make profitable treatments in your practice.

Student testimonials

  • The teacher knows how to give us confidence without making us feel overconfident but also making us feel that we can do what she is teaching us.

    Karol Cartagena
    Médico. Honduras.
  • They are 5 very intense days because we work a lot, we do a lot of punctures and we practice everything from a very easy thing like a peeling to tensor threads.

    Dra. Valentina Pekic
    Cirujana Oral y Maxilofacial
  • The teacher teaches us to think, why do it this way and not another. At the end we feel confident in what we are doing.

    Dr. Diogo Fonseca
    Médico. Portugal
  • I loved it, especially the way in which the doctor sees every flaw you have and how she corrects you little by little.

    Dra. Nabila Meneses
    Médico. México
  • I return to my regular practice with knowledge and skills that I can implement immediately.

    Dr. Francisco Soto
    Cirujano General. USA
  • The human commitment of the entire medical team is unique. I am already implementing everything I learned and I feel confident applying the different aesthetic procedures.

    Dra. Katerine Erazo
    Médico General, Chile
  • All the time they were attentive to my comfort not only in the course but also in my stay in Barcelona. I am very grateful to the whole EIMEC group.

    Dra. Mª Clemencia Gómez
    Dermatóloga. Colombia

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