Workshop of application of application of fillers

4 hours
Dra. Melvis Anaya, Dra. Zainela Laborde
3 students
  • Train medical professionals through practice in consultation for the application of facial fillers.
  • Give medical professionals the knowledge, skills and techniques necessary to practice in the area of facial Aesthetic medicine.
  • Provide practical experience with real patients, using today’s most in-demand treatments and materials.
  • Provide protocols and clinical practice guidelines that must be followed in aesthetic medicine.

This workshop has an enormously practical focus. Every topic is introduced with a brief theoretical explanation and later developed in depth, while the professor performs techniques on actual patients.

Learning from experienced professors as they perform techniques on real patients makes it possible to compare and contrast theoretical knowledge. This is very helpful for professionals who are just getting started as well as those who have been practicing Aesthetic medicine for some time.

As for students, being able to practice ONE TO ONE on model patients under the guidance of the professor provides the level of confidence necessary to apply what they’ve learned once the course is over.

Students will receive all documentation, uniform and necessary work material, as well as a memory stick with all workshop content.

Summarized academic program


Facial aging concepts.

Diagnosis and key concepts: Plans, axes and symmetry.

Peeling in skin aging.

Fillers. Materiales reabsorbibles.

Concepto de volumetrización facial. Técnica de aplicación.

Cuidados pre y post tratamiento.


Información general de materiales y proveedores.


90% practical: Once the basic concepts of the application of fillers have been obtained, the practical workshop with model patients will be given, under the supervision of the training physician.

·Puntos de referencia anatómica para el abordaje de las diferentes zonas faciales.
·Técnicas de infiltración y uso avanzado.
·Protocolos de actuación y herramientas para conseguir un resultado natural.

If the student physician wishes, they can bring their own model patient for their practicals.

More information and complete program:

    • University medical degree.

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