Practical Facial Aesthetic Medicine course

40 hours - one week
Dra. Melvis Anaya, Dra. Zainela Laborde
3 students

Practical Facial Aesthetic Medicine Course

40 hours - one week
Dra. Melvis Anaya, Dra. Zainela Laborde
3 students
Practical Facial Aesthetic Medicine course.
  • Train professionals doctors in the most advanced aesthetic medicine and surgical techniques in Europe through practice in office and operating room.
  • Give medical professionals the knowledge, skills and techniques necessary to practice in the area of facial Aesthetic medicine.
  • Provide practical experience with real patients, using today’s most in-demand treatments and materials.
  • Offer updated information on techniques to treat common anomalies, guaranteeing patient safety.
  • Approach to cosmetic problems (enhancement, rejuvenation, restoration).
  • Analytical evaluation of elements such as symmetry and proportion. Provide protocols and clinical practice guidelines that must be followed in aesthetic medicine.
  • Provide protocols and clinical practice guidelines that must be followed in Aesthetic Medicine.
90% PRACTICAL: 5 intensive days with the tutor

This course has an eminently practical approach, introduced with a brief theoretical explanation and developed in depth while the teacher practices on real patients.

At the beginning of the course, the student receives a calendar with the activities to be carried out. Are 5 consecutive days, 40 hours of interaction with the teacher.

In addition to the teaching activities, participants will participate in meals and lectures that complete the course activities.


On the other hand, the student’s ONE TO ONE practices on model patients, tutored by the teacher, provide the student with the degree of confidence necessary to practice what he has learned once the course is over: You will feel prepared to practice.

The student will receive all the necessary documentation, uniform and work material, as well as a PDF with the theoretical content of the study program.


El curso es completamente personalizado. Nos adaptamos a tu nivel de experiencia y necesidades.


Once the course is completed, there is access to personalized tutoring and learning follow-up.

Academic program summary


Introduction: Presentation, handing over of documentation, protocol, patient approach, diagnosis.

Facial treatments: Review of anatomical bases and facial landmarks. Cosmetology applied to aesthetic medicine.

Peeling: Definition, types of chemical peeling, mechanical peeling, laser peeling. Protocols.

Biostimulation and bio-restructuring: Mesotherapy. PRP. Vitamins, hyaluronic acid, amino acids. IPL laser technology. Bionutrilif protocol. Microneedling. Dermapen.

Minimally invasive procedures. Resorbable fillers: types, application techniques, indications.

Bioplasty and rhinomodeling techniques: concept, techniques and care.

Botulinum toxin: Diagnosis, types of toxin, functional anatomy, application techniques, injection patterns.

Tightening threads: Indications, volumization, types of PDO threads, application techniques.

Biostimulation and biorevitalization: combination of protocols.

Depigmentation treatments: Peelings, masks, laser. Combination protocols.


90% Practical: Once the basic concepts of facial aesthetic medicine techniques have been obtained, a practical workshop with model patients will take place, under the supervision of the training physician.

-Based on the daily practice of an aesthetic medicine practice.
-Practical development of the course syllabus, where the student is the protagonist from the reception of the patient, diagnosis and treatment protocol.
-During the week, you will feel like in your own practice, you will gain confidence and security to practice.
-You work, you practice and apply the techniques learned during the course.

If the student requests it, he/she can bring his/her own model patient to practice.

Rellena el Formulario

Rellena el siguiente formulario para descargar el programa completo y recibir un mail con toda la información.

  • University degree in Medicine.

Students who have taken the course

  • I have done the intensive course of a week and I have been able to personally verify that it is very useful and satisfactory! The student is the one who makes the diagnosis and who practices with real patients under the complete supervision of the teachers! Very intensive days with many patients a day per student! Super nice atmosphere, excellent teachers and staff! You feel at home! SUPER Recommended.

    Martha Napoleone
  • If you want real practical training with highly experienced professionals this is the place! Inglés fat grafting Aprende a pronunciar You end up knowing what to do and why you do it, which will help you greatly in the personalized diagnosis of each patient. All this with a human quality that is noteworthy.

    Concha Aránguez
    Médico Oftalmólogo, España

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